Warrior Field

My father and I made the first Cook & Son bat in 1993 when I was a junior playing baseball for the Edmonds-Woodway Warriors.  That first bat was called the Linedrive and I took it to practice where I promptly broke it — by my coach’s cruel design.  On May 1, 2009, I visited the scene of the crime, Warrior Field in Edmonds, Washington (FYI, I’m just calling it Warrior Field, I have no clue if it really has a name of not):


The bat hit great.  And the hit that broke the bat was a nice line drive up the middle.  The bat head landed in the grass out towards short stop.

I went to the field to see my good buddy from high school, Dan Somoza, who is now the coach at Edmonds-Woodway.  “Smoz” is a great guy and he seems to be a great coach too.  Here he is hitting infield-outfield to his squad before facing off against Shorewood in a game with lots of play off implications:



The Warriors threw a funky sidearmer at Shorewood.  The first inning started out a little rough, but he got stronger as the game progressed.  Ultimately, he got a no decision:


The game was exciting, but I was really there to watch Smoz coach.  Here is he at the Umpires-Coaches meeting before the game:


ump353.jpgIn one of the middle innings, Smoz got a chance to show off his best Lou Piniella.  The Warriors had runners on first and second with one out.  The batter hit a high pop-up into shallow center.  The SS went out and the CF came in.  Ultimately, they stopped a couple feet a part and looked at each other while the ball landed between them.  The runners took off for 3rd and 2nd respectively.  The CF picked up the ball and threw the lead runner out at third.  The third basemen then threw the ball back to the pitcher and everyone started to get ready for the next batter.  All of a sudden, the infield umpire (shown above) came running in from behind first base and he yelled (his first time yelling anything on the day), “I called infield fly.  The batter is out.  The runner is out at third.  Three outs!”  Smoz had a crazy, confused “Are You Serious” look on his face.  He ran out to the umpire and started hollering (not really yelling), “You need to ask for help from home plate?  Are you serious?  There should still be runners on first and second!  Are you serious?  You need to ask for help?”

Slowly, Smoz retreated to the dugout where he angerily explained to his assistant coach, “That is HORRIBLE!  Worst call EVER!”   A couple seconds later, “I’m really angry!”  A couple seconds later, “That guy is my neighbor.”

Okay, so it wasn’t quite a Lou Piniella situation, but it was fun to see Smoz doing his coaching thing and having the fires of passion burning in his belly.

It was great sunny afternoon at Warrior Field.  Unfortunately, I had to leave in the fifth inning with E-W down 5-7…I had to get ready for the Mariners game!  In the paper today, I found out that E-Dub came back and won 11-10 after scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th.

Nice job, Warriors.  Great coaching, Smoz.


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