A Weekend With No Baseball?

A strange thing happened this Memorial Day Weekend.  It was a weekend.  It was the baseball season.  But for the first time this season, Tim and I did not go to a MLB game this weekend.

So the question, what do you do with a whole weekend without a baseball game?  And a three day weekend at that?

Baseball Anyone?

That’s right.  Baseball exists independent of Major League Baseball.  In fact, I would venture to guess that its that good, old fashion, home grown non-MLB baseball that makes many of us such big fans of MLB.

So, this is what baseball looks like in the Cooks’ backyard — its a beautiful thing:

broken wood.jpg

That’s Tim hitting with a wood Rawlings Tee Ball bat.  At not quite three-and-a-half, Tim no longer uses a tee.  And for the past week or two, he’s cast aside the foam bat in favor of the “heavy” bat.

Well, this weekend, he broke this bat hitting balls.  I congratulated him on his first broken bat.  When our neighor walked by with his dog, Tim ran up to the fence and yelled, “I broke my first bat on my life!”  That’s no typo, he said “on” his life.

Luckily, that same neighbor — who is one of Tim’s biggest “fans” (he watches Tim hit a lot while walking his dog) — recently gave Tim his son’s old tee ball bat.

Here is Tim ready to hit:


Tim crushed some balls with his power stroke:


He went with some pitches hitting them to the opposite field:


It was great fun.  However, several times on Saturday, Tim would hit himself on the back of his head with his back swing.  So, I figured we should go to the best store ever — the Rawlings Outlet at the Vanity Fair Outlets in Reading, PA — and get Tim a batting helmet (if they had a size that fits a three year old).  The problem was that I had to get Tim to agree to stop playing baseball to go to the store.  We had the following conversation (background – Tim LOVES frosties from Wendy’s and there is a Wendy’s down the road from the Rawlings outlet, and Tim LOVES wearing all of the helmets at the Rawlings store):

TODD:  Tim, do you want to go to the baseball store to get a helmet?

TIM:  But first, let’s play baseball!

TODD:  But, why don’t we go to the baseball store and get you a helmet and then we can come back and play more baseball?

TIM:  But first, let’s play baseball!

TODD:  Okay.  How about this?  We could play more baseball OR we could go to the baseball store and get you a helmet, and then stop by Wendy’s and get you a frosty, and then come back home and play more baseball?

TIM:  (Leaning close to me and whispering in a firm voice) I CHOOSE BASEBALL!

He then ran back out in the yard and grabbed his bat.

Anyway, Sunday morning, we went and got a helmet before starting to play any baseball.  And guess what?  They had a helmet that fit Tim!  And it was even Mariners colors!

So, to make a long story short, we played many more hours of baseball over the course of the three day weekend — as seen here:

Tim 5-tools cook.jpg

Yes, it was a little sad not to get to a big league ball park this weekend.  But, all in all, it was a great weekend.  Hundreds of balls thrown, caught and hit.  Lots of base running and staged run downs.  Lots of high fives.  And not a single blown save (like the Mariners are suffering as I type).

I highly recommend it.

Next weekend:  Saturday, baseball in the back yard; Sunday, Tigers vs. Orioles in Baltimore.




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