End of An Era; Beginning of Another

When Tim was a tiny little boy, a *baby* even, I bought Tim a 24 inch baseball bat.  It looks like it is a wood bat, but it is foam with a hard core of some sort.  It has been a big part of Tim’s life for most of his life.

He used it when I taught him how to hit off of a tee:

1 - tee time.jpg

He used it when he was so short the grass clippings at the park were knee high:

2 - tall grass.jpg

He used it when he was 2 years old, didn’t hold the bat properly (hands switched), but retired his tee and demanded pitched balls after seeing that my softball team didn’t use a tee:

3 - indoor bounce ball opposite hands.jpg

He used it when I first tied a ball-on-a-string to the swing set:

4 - playset swings.jpg

He used it on vacation at the beach with his cousins:

5 - beach ball.jpg

He used it on road trips (shown here in Boston)…

6 - hotel and ballpark.jpg…and he used it at the ballpark (shown here at FirstEnergy Stadium (Reading Phillies)).

He called it his “white bat,” and he used it everywhere and anytime.  He learned to hit a baseball with that wonderful little “white bat.”

But a couple weeks ago, he broke it.

Here he is posing with his most trusted piece of lumber for the final time:

7 - first bat retired.JPG

From a baseball point of view, it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  Tim’s white bat will be missed…as it hangs in its new resting place on the wall of my home office.

And so starts a new era:  the SECOND white bat era.  Hopefully it will be just as great as the original.

As we enter this new era, we also enter the final stages of the baseball season.  Only four weeks to go, and four more games for me and Tim.  Next up, the Orioles at Yankee Stadium this Saturday, September 12th.



  1. Txbaseballfan

    It’s interesting, the things you hold onto when you have kids. Sarah is in dance, so we have all of her recital oufits from when she was 3 yrs. old to now, and she’s 10, so you can imagine how many we have. While you and Tim are at Stankee Stadium 9/12, Sarah and I will be in Arl. to watch the Rangers take on your beloved M’s. Hopefully, Aardsma will redeem himself with me! Have fun!
    BTW– To answer your question from my blog, no there were no cheese fries eaten at Dr.Pepper Ballpark. The only purchase I made was ice cream. But I did have some Dr. Pepper.

  2. Alex

    What time are you planning to get to New Yankee Stadium on Saturday? If you are planning to arrive before the gates open, tell me and we could meet at one of the gates. I also found out that I could stay for the entire game.

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