Halloween Switcheroo

Although he has never seen him on TV, in movies or books, Tim was all set to be Spiderman for Halloween:

As you can see, he was pretty excited about it.

But this afternoon, Colleen went out to run a few errands while Tim and I stayed home and played sports in the garage due to a rain storm outside.  When Colleen arrived home, she came bearing gifts.  Target was having a sale on baseball stuff.  For about 2 bucks, she’s picked Tim up some grey youth extra-small baseball pants and some baseball socks (with old fashioned stirrups printed on them).  Instantly, Spidey was scrapped.

Tim would be a Mariner for Halloween.

We headed back to target to get a 1-dollar clearance baseball belt (Colleen hadn’t realized that baseball players wear belts so she didn’t get him one).  Tim was already suited up in his baseball gear:

mariner at target.jpg

That’s one of Colleen’s belts that he’s wearing in that picture.

Next, it was off to the Rawlings store to look at some batting gloves and run the bases painted on the floor in the back of the store:

mariner at rawlings store.jpg

Finally, we headed home.  It was still raining (and it was dark).  So, we headed back to the garage.  Tim hadn’t batted in a couple weeks because we’ve been all over the place on the weekends and it has been getting dark so early (i.e., by the time I get home from work at night).  But Tim was crushing the ball in the garage, and looking like a legit Mariner in the process:

mariner in the garage.jpg

Thanks, Target and Rawlings store!  Sorry, Spiderman.


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