2010: Let The Planning Begin

I am officially excited for 2010!  I love that Griffey is coming back.  I can’t wait for Tim and I to get more opportunities to see him play.  And I’m excited about how Jack Zduriencik is shaking things up to help the Mariners improve again in 2010.

So its officially time to start thinking of 2010.  I’ve been scouring team schedules and planning out a great 2010 for me and Tim.

The first order of business:  planning The Third Annual Cook Grandfather-Father-Son Baseball Roadtrip of 2010.  Last night and today, my dad and I have exchanged a lot of emails on the subject and here is the tentative plan:

June 2010












6/10 – Angels at A’s

6/11 – Angels at Dodgers



6/12 –

M’s at Padres


6/13 –

M’s at Padres

6/14 – Brewers at Angels

6/15 – Orioles at Giants







The two things I am most excited about here:  (1) getting in two Mariners games on the roadtrip and (2) Dodgers Stadium.  I am excited about all of the stadiums.  But for some reason, I am most excited to get to Dodger Stadium, which I was at for one game in 1994, but have almost no memory of it.

But I have one concern.  We only have one game planned for Dodger Stadium, but I want to roam around and see the entire stadium.  Is that possible?  If we get infield tickets, can we get out to the outfield at all?  If we get outfield tickets, can we get into the infield at all?  It seems like I’ve read on a number of blogs that there are limitation on what portions of the stadium you can access with different tickets.  Any advice about how best to do Dodger Stadium (or any of these five ballparks) would be greatly appreciated!



  1. yankeehater626

    o man Todd,

    It;s a shame that you only have that one game in Anaheim. I would have loved to me you and Tim, but that’s the week of my finals. Angel Stadium is great. Why are you going NorCal to SoCal back to NorCal? It’s not an easy trip to make, but I’m sure you have your reasons.

    At Dodger Stadium, I would advise that you get infield box seats. They are a little expensive, but they allow you to wonder. I had them at the World Baseball Class and I could go all around the first level, just not within the first two rows of the dugout. Even though my seats were 3 sections over from the dugout, I was able to get close enough for Jimmy Rollins to hand me his batting gloves. If you end up at Angel Stadium over the weekend or Thursday or later (I think theyve left for wrigley) let me know, I’d really love to meet you.


  2. cookandsonbats

    Sorry we’ll miss you, Warren. But who knows, maybe all your finals will be cancelled or moved or not conflict and you’ll have time to make it out to Angel Stadium. Who knows? Thanks for the advice on Dodger Stadium. As for NorCal, we’ll be flying in and out of San Francisco so we’ll have to head back up at the end of the trip. Also, the A’s and Giants are almost never in town at the same time (if ever), so we couldn’t get a Giants game in until the end of the trip. It isn’t easy to find a 5-6 day period in which all 5 CA teams have home games. Even harder when you’re trying to work a Mariners game into the mix.

  3. Txbaseballfan

    Hey bud, long time no talk! Nice west coast trip! Any chance of a swing through Tx on your way back east? Would be cool to meet you & Tim, but I think the Rangers are away then anyways. At least you already have a jump on the season, never too early right? My friend & I were planning on getting some cheap season tickets for 2010 but they raised prices thanks to their money problems, so back to single game tix. Hope all is well with you & your family, & have a great Christmas!

  4. cookandsonbats

    Hey, great to hear from you, man. I was wondering what you were up to this off-season. I really wanted to take a trip through KC, St. Louis and Arlington next season. but my dad really wanted to do California. Unfortunately, I don’t see it being likely that we’ll be able to do both trips in 2010. But I think we’ll definitely head your way in 2011. Hey, all the best to you and your family too!

  5. chasicle

    Regarding your question, they don’t let you wander into the outfield or the infield if you have the other ticket. They are completely separated. Even left and right field are separated from each other. It’s complete garbage.

  6. cookandsonbats

    Cool. Yep. We’ll be at BP. And after hopefully getting one baseball, we will be exploring the heck out of that ballpark. I plan to leave no stone unturned. You know, I’ve never been to a non-Mariners A.L. West home game (well, maybe once), will people give us any hassles for our M’s gear? FYI, for the game, we’ll be in LF. Not sure of the section number off hand, but LF isn’t that big, you know.

  7. yankeehater626


    guess what? Due to budget cuts, my school district actually cut Monday and Tuesday of school so I will be at the game Monday! I’m really hopeful that we’ll bump into each other because I’d love to meet you and Tim. I’ll actually be missing you by a couple days THIS weekend as I will be up at Oakland Sunday-Tuesday. Will you and Tim be at batting practice on the 14th?

  8. yankeehater626

    Yea, left field is pretty tiny, but I have grown fond of it. This is my first year as a full season ticket holder, so in previous years the Angels have put all of the mini plans out in left field for the playoffs and I actually like it. There is an usher by the bullpens named Joe who is there about 50% of the time and he loves to give balls to kids Tim’s age. I know another usher that is there another 25% of the time and his name is Chris. They don’t know be my name but if you and Tim have any trouble getting a ball, just let me know and I’ll go over and talk to them. I’ll be at BP but I’m going to stay in right field because Jim Edmonds (my version of Griffey aka childhood hero) is coming back for the first time in over 10 years! I can’t imagine you getting any grief from anyone, even light hearted kidding. To be honest, if it’s not a Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, or playoff game, Southern California baseball fans couldn’t care less. You won’t be allowed very close to the dugouts during BP because of a stupid new rule that the Angels enacted last year and according to a security guard, starting with that homestand, we might not even be allowed to bring in backpacks as security gets ready for the ASG. Have a safe trip and I hope I’ll see you guys out here,


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