C&S’s National League Stadium Panoramas


Its time to turn our panoramic attention toward the National League.


Scroll down to find:  Chase Field, Great American Ball Park, Wrigley Field, PNC Park, Miller Park, Citizens Bank Park, Citi Field, Shea Stadium, and Nationals Park.


Coming later in 2010: AT&T Park, Dodger Stadium, Petco Park and more of many of the above.


N.L. West


Chase Field – Arizona Diamondbacks



Chase Field section 115 (left) and section 114 (right):

chase 3B field panarama.jpg


Coming 2009:

Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles Dodgers (1962-present)

AT&T Park – San Francisco Giants (2000-present)

Petco Park – San Diego Padres (2004-present)


N.L. Central


Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs



Wrigley Field section 422 (approximately):

11 - wrigley upper home panaramic.jpgWrigley Field from outside player parking lot (right field corner – North Clark Street):

36 - wrigley outside LF panaramic.jpgWrigley Field inner concourse below center field bleachers:

35 - wrigley CF concourse exit panaramic.jpgWrigley Field bleachers section 342:

34a - wrigley CF bleachers panaramic.jpgWrigley Field from main cross aisle between section 135 (front) and section 235 (behind):

32 - wrigley RF foul panaramic.jpgWrigley Field from main cross aisle between section 438 (front) and section 538 (behind):

12 - wrigley upper RF panaramic.jpgWrigley Field from main cross aisle between section 404 (front) and section 504 (behind):

13 - wrigley upper LF panaramic.jpg

Wrigley Field section section 235, Row 11, Seat 4 (obstructed view of second base):

17 - wrigley sec. 235 auto panaramic.jpgWrigley Field section 226, approximately row 20 (obstructed view of pitchers mound):

8 - wrigley sec. 226 panaramic.jpgWrigley Field from small cross aisle between section 19 (front) and section 118 (behind):

5 - wrigley plate panaramic.jpgWrigley Field section 101 and section 102 (front row):

2 - wrigley first view LF panaramic.jpg


Great American Ball Park – Cinncinati Reds



Great American Ball Park section 140, row Z:

13 - GrAm RF Panarama.jpg


PNC Park – Pittsburgh Pirates



PNC Park from atop the standing area spiral concourse:

13 - PNC Park LF upper HR panaramic.jpgPNC Park section 302 (approximately)

PNC Park RF upper foul panaramic.jpg


Miller Park – Milwaukee Brewers



Miller Park section 422:

22 - miller home upper panaramic.jpgMiller Park section 104, row 9, seats 21-22 (aisle seats – obstructed view of outfield):

28 - miller RF HR field panaramic.jpgMiller Park section 438:

23 - miller LF foul upper panaramic.jpgMiller Park section 416:

21 - miller 1B infield upper panaramic.jpgMiller Park section 404:

19 - miller RF upper panaramic.jpgMiller Park section 202:

18 - miller RCF upper panaramic.jpgMiller Park section 236:

10 - miller LCF upper panaramic.jpgMiller Park section 120 (front row):

5 - miller home field panaramic.jpgMiller Park section 124:

4 - miller 3B field panaramic.jpg


N.L. East


Citizens Bank Park – Philadelphia Phillies



Citizens Bank Park section 421 (left) and section 420 (right):

citz home back row.jpg.

Citizens Bank Park section 423:

14 - citz upper  3B-home tarp panaramic.jpgCitizens Bank Park SRO counter between sections 138 (left) and section 137 (right):

citz1.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 344 (standing room counter behind back row):

citz2.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 204 in day light (standing room behind back row):

citz3.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 122 (SRO counter behind back row):

citz4.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 130 (SRO behind back row):

citz5.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 107 (SRO counter behind back row):

citz6.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 140 (SRO counter behind back row):

citz LF corner SRO panoramic.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 118 (front row):

citz phils dugout.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 112 (SRO behind back row):

10 - citz rf rain delay panaramic.jpg

Citizens Bank Park scoreboard and Philadelphia from LF 300-level foul concourse: 16 - citz upper LF concourse city panaramic.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 344 at evening (standing room counter behind back row):.

18 - citz upper LF panaramic.JPGCitizens Bank Park Ashburn Alley from base of Richie Ashburn statue:

24 - citz ashburn alley panaramic.jpgCitizens Bank Park from rooftop walkway above Ashburn Alley (night):

30 - citz CF rooftop panaramic.jpgCitzens Bank Park from deep RCF rooftop deck above Ashburn Alley:

31 - citz CF rooftop panaramic2.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 1 (front row):

4 - citz 1b field panaramic.jpgCitizens Bank Park from concourse behind section 211:

200 level RF foul panoramic.jpgCitizens Bank Park panoramic view of bullpens from section 101:

9 - bullpen tiers.jpgCitizens Bank Park suite 55:

4 - citz suite view panarama.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 235, row 9:

3 - citz panarama.jpgCitizens Bank Park section 130, row 8, seat 1:

1 - 9-12-07 Phillies Panarama2.jpgCitizens Bank Park from center field rooftop deck (day light):

3 - citz CF sun deck panarama roadtrip.jpg


Citi Field – New York Mets



Citi Field from Willets Point subway platform (7-Train):

citi subway platform.jpg

Citi Field section 15 in the Sterling Club seats:

37 - citi sterling club plate panarama.jpgCiti Field section 339 (concourse) view toward scoreboard and kids’ play area:

34 - citi scoreboard kids area panarama.jpgCiti Field section 339 (back row on CF aisle):

33 - citi CF 300 level panarama.jpgCiti Field – upper deck concourse (behind home plate and above Rotunda):

32 - citi upper deck plate concourse panaramic.jpgCiti Field section 514:

31 - citi plate upper panaramic.jpgCiti Field concourse behind section 404 (approximately):

30 - citi rf foul upper concourse panarama.jpgCiti Field section 501 (back row on aisle):

29 - citi RF foul upper panaramic.jpgCiti Field section 305 (back row on aisle) Pepsi Porch:

27 - citi pepsi porch 3 panaramic.jpgCiti Field section 301 (second row) Pepsi Porch:

25 - citi pepsi porch 2 panramic.jpgCiti Field walkway to Pepsi Porch:

24 - citi walk to pepsi porch panaramic.jpgCiti Field section 122:

17 - citi section 122 panarama.jpgCiti Field section 121 (front row):

8 - citi 3B dugout panarama.jpgCiti Field section 130 & section 131 (front row):

2 - citi lf foul field panarama.jpg

Citi Field section 12 (left) and section 11(right) in the Sterling Club seats:

citi section 11-12 panorama.jpgCiti Field from aisle between section 121 (left) and Sterling Club seats (right):

citi section 121 panorama.jpg

Citi Field section 526 row 9 seats 14-15:

citi3.jpgCiti Field section 127 (standing room in concourse behind back row of seats):

citi1.jpgCiti Field section 114 (standing room concourse behind back row of seats):



Shea Stadium – New York Mets



Shea Stadium upper reserve section 10, row M, seat 7:

shea upper reserve section 10 row m seat 7.jpgShea Stadium mezzanine section 19, row A, seat 7:

shea 1B middle foul day.jpg

Shea Stadium mezzanine section 19, row A, seat 7:

shea 1B middle foul night.jpgShea Stadium section 165:

shea RF corner field level.jpgShea Stadium exterior from south (walking toward 7-Train Platform on Roosevelt Ave.):

shea exterior.jpgShea Stadium section 215 (second row):

17 - shea 1B field panorama.jpg


Nationals Park – Washington Nationals



Nationals Park section 316:

DC Home Plate 3d Deck Panoramic View.jpg

Nationals Park section 101 (left) and section 102 (right):

1st field view LF panoramic.jpgNationals Park section 113 (left) and section 114 (right):

DC 3B paroramic view.jpgNationals Park bridge between section 221 (left) and section 223 (right):

DC 1st Base 2d Deck Panoramic view.jpgNationals Park between section 231 (left) and section 233 (right):

DC 2d Deck RF foul panoramic view.jpgNationals Park between section 242 (left) and 243 (right):

DC 2d Deck CF panoramic view.jpgNationals Park standing room area toward center behind section 143:

DC Field Level RCF Panoramic View.jpgNationals Park open area beyond CF fence (taken from kids play area):

CF area.jpgNationals Park from middle of “Red Loft” (after game):

DC Red Porch Panoramic View.jpgNationals Park section 301 (back row):

DC 3d Deck LF Foul Panoramic View.jpgNationals Park section 134.

DC 1B Field Level Panoramic View.jpgNationals Park section 138:

7 DC RF rain delay panoramic.jpgNationals Park section 201 (rain out of Randy Johnson’s scheduled 300th win game):

17 LF rain delay panoramic.jpgNationals Park section 117 (left) and section 118 (right):

25 -nats cubs dugout panaramic.jpgNationals Park from center field side of the “Red Loft” (during game):

24 - nats red porch panaramic.jpgNationals Park section 139 (handicap accessible seating behind back row):

15 - nats rf ice cream seasts panaramic.jpgNationals Park standing room area between section 143 and the batters’ eye:

9 - nats cf field panaramic.jpgNationals Park section 134 (handicapped accessible seating behind back row):

3 - nats 1B chxfries seats panaramic.jpg

There you go.  That is every NL panoramic ballpark view I have created and posted on our blog so far.  I love doing these, so check back in the future and there will be some new panaramics mixed in with these one. 



  1. cookandsonbats

    Good to hear from you, man. That’s a good question. Our 2010 Baseball Agenda is still in draft form. I would imagine (like last season), we’ll make it to Citi Field twice in 2010. Right now, I have the following games listed as possibles: 5/23 or 5/24 vs. the Yankees, 6/26 vs. the Twins, 9/12 vs. the Phillies. I doubt 9/12 will happen. We’ll probably be in D.C. that day. The Twins game is the one I’m most interested in. Also, I’d like to see the Mets beat the Yankees, but I don’t intend to break the bank to get to that game, so we’ll see. I’ll give you a better idea as our plans solidify.

  2. teemo

    Seeing the pictures brings back good memories of our trip to the East Coast last summer. Can’t wait to see about your trip to the West Coast in June. Your Grandfather-Father-Son trips has gotten our family into planning mode. Trying to see how many games and ballfields we can squeeze around a wedding we need to attend in May. We would have love to caught up with you and Tim on the East Coast.

    Looking for some advice – Trying to decide after Cleveland to head to Cincy and Louisville Museum or catching a Cubs game at Wrigley. Any insights would be great. Aloha -Todd – BTW what great parents you have in getting the Griffey picture for your birthday.

  3. cookandsonbats

    TODD –
    Aloha! That’s a tough call. Personally, if I lived in Hawaii, and was going to Ohio and was considering the two options you’ve mentioned, I would take advantage of the proximity and swing by Cincinnati and the Louisville Slugger factory/museum. It seems to me there will be fewer natural opportunities to visit those places than Chicago. That is to say, maybe this is your best chance at Cincinnati and Louisville, but you’ll likely have more opportunities to swing by Chicago. Also, why not swing by Pittsburgh? Its just 2 hours from Cleveland. Then you could take I-70 out of Pittsburgh and be on your way to Cincinnati, etc. Finally, yes! My parents are great. It was a huge surprise to open up that picture. Made me wish we’d gone to spring training too!

  4. teemo

    Todd – Thanks for the advice – Still trying to put our trip together with figuring out drop fees, MLB schedule and balancing the family vacation(seeing how much my wife and daughter are willing to go to games). Only thing planned is flying into Cleveland and driving to Memphis for the wedding. We are flying out of New Jersey. So far the only thing we know is we are seeing the Indians the first day we get in and catching a Phillies game (Timothy’s favorite team right now) the day before we leave. It was your visit to the Louisville Musuem which got us thinking about swinging by Cincy/Lousiville. Unfortunately the Pirates are playing at Cinncinnati during that time. Memphis is just in the middle of everything making everything a long drive – Don’t laugh living in Hawaii 30 minutes is considered a long drive. We may land up seeing a couple minor league baseball games driving back to the East Coast which should be interesting.

  5. cookandsonbats

    Todd (HI)-
    What are you doing on the internet? We’ve been watching Tsunami coverage for a couple hours. Shouldn’t you be up on a hill somewhere? Hopefully the waters are calming down for you guys now. As for baseball, that sounds like quite the trip — Cleveland to Memphis to New Jersey. Let me know when you stop through Philadelphia (or Baltimore!) — maybe we’ll run into each other at the ball park.
    -Todd (PA)

  6. teemo

    Todd (PA)
    What a wake up call with civil defense sirens going off at 6:00 am. There was nothing else to do today except watch the news and browse the internet. My daughter’s soccer game was cancelled along with Timothy baseball game (But it play ball tomorrow for Timothy). The tsunami was a big non-event but its better to be on the safe side . We are high enough and overlook Pearl Harbor – Yes will will be in Philadelphia to catch a Phillies game either June 6, 7, or 8th. Since we missed Camden Yards last summer we want to go to one of the games probably June 5 or 6. I know its right before your trip out to the West Coast. But if you were planning on being at one of the games let us know and we will work it into the schedule. Can’t get there any sooner as we need to be in Memphis during Memorial Day weekend. Open to any suggestions on minor league games in the Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylavania or things to see/places to visit -Last year we stopped in Philadelphia for a day and caught a ballgame, went to Independance Hall, Mint and the Duckboat Tour. We are hoping to spend a little time there – Also have you been to the Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore – If yes – How long would you allow to visit?
    -Aloha Todd (HI)

  7. cookandsonbats

    TODD (HI)-
    Actually, there is a good chance that Tim and I will be in Baltimore on Saturday, June 5th. Those plans will firm up once the season starts. We’ll be in Baltimore the first weekend of the season and I plan to purchase tix to several games while at the stadium (to avoid the phone/internet fees). I’ll let you know if we get tix for that game. If so, you can count of finding us in the RF flag court – Tim’s favorite spot at Camden Yards. I’ve never been to the Babe Ruth Museum. Do you read the Happy Youngster’s blog (http://thehappyyoungster.mlblogs.com)? He went there in 2009. You could probably leave a comment for him asking about the Museum.
    -Todd (PA)

  8. teemo

    Todd (PA)
    Tim’s Game Log – amazing recap of all the games you have been to – Still my one big question is when do you have the time to do it all?
    Yes I do read Happy Youngster and will send a note in – Let me know if you do get tickets to the Orioles-Red Sox game on June 5th and I will work it into our schedule. This morning my wife gave me the green light to plan our travel plans around whichever ballparks we would like to visit. Should be interesting what we come with- Last year we originally started with going to a game in Nationals Park and a learning trip to Washington DC. At the end of trip done six games in nine day with a trip to Citi Field and Citizens Park. From reading your blog and seeing all of your trips, our objective will probably be to hit as many new ballparks as possible. Will let you know what we come up with – Aloha Todd (HI)

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