From PA to AZ, It Is Time For Baseball

The snow has almost completely melted away in our little part of Pennsylvania, and today was a remarkably warm and “springish” day.  So, Tim requested that we go to the park to play some baseball.  Usually, we just play in the back yard.  But Tim wanted a real field with a dirt infield.

When we arrived at my favorite local softball field, we found the infield was unplayable:

Tim at the Meadows.jpgWhat did we expect after all of that snow melted away?  This isn’t Arizona, you know.

No problem.  We used the outfield fence as a backstop and had a lot of fun hitting, running, throwing and chasing brightly colored practice baseballs all over the outfield.

Meanwhile, almost all the way across the country, our Mariners were rained out.  No problem, I’m sure that beautiful Arizona sun will be shining again tomorrow, the infields will be playable, and King Felix will be holding Court over his Kingdom:

king felix in peoria.jpgAh, yes.  It is a beautiful time of year.


One comment

  1. Txbaseballfan

    My dad lives in Arizona, and I lived with him for 2 years (93-95) & I loved it. If I could convince my wife, I’d move there asap! You almost get year round baseball out there (with the Az fall league)! How great is that?!

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