Satellite Views of our 2010 Season

Over the past several months, I have slowly been planning our 2010 season.  Like in 2009, Tim and I will visit 13 MLB stadiums (with an outside, but very unlikely, chance that we’ll hit a 14th stadium).  I have many of our games planned out and tickets secured.   Other games are tentatively planned, but still uncertain.  Whatever the order and whatever the actual games end up being, we will definitely make it to each of the following stadiums (as seen via Google Earth and Bing satellite views).

Like in 2008 and 2009, we plan to begin our 2010 season at our second favorite stadium:

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

1 - Camden Yards satellite.jpg

Next, we’ll stick in the region.  Our second game of 2010 will be at:

Nationals Park

2 - Nationals Park satellite.jpg

Next, we’ll be off to the Big Apple for a game at:

Citi Field

3 - Citi Field satellite.jpg

FYI, I couldn’t find any satellite views of Queens post-Shea.  Therefore, I cut out Shea’s infield and guestimated where Citi Field’s infield now lies.  I could be totally off, but I think the Jackie Robinson Rotunda takes up a lot of space under my red arrow.

Okay, since originally posting this, I found a different type of arial view on  Here you go:


3a - Citi Field satellite.jpgNext, we’ll be sticking closer to home for a very special game at:

Citizens Bank Park

4 - Citizens Bank Park satellite.jpgNext, we enter a period of uncertainty.  We’ll probably be back at Camden Yards and Citizen Bank Park before hitting any new stadiums.  I think the next stadium we visit will be on the Third Annual Cook Grandfather-Father-Son Baseball Roadtrip of 2010.  Our first game on the roadtrip will be at:

Oakland-Alameda County Colesium

5 - Oakland-Alameda County Colesium satellite.jpgFrom Oakland, we will drive to Los Angeles for a game at the only MLB stadium in the City or County of Los Angeles:

Dodger Stadium

6 - Dodger Stadium satellite.jpgFrom L.A., we will continue down the coast for a couple games at:

Petco Park

7 - Petco Park satellite.jpgOn the way back up, we will next visit the site of my personal MLB debut:

Angel Stadium of Anaheim (Not Los Angeles)

8 - Angel Stadium of Anaheim satellite.jpgFinally, we will wrap up the roadtrip at:

AT&T Park

9 - AT&T Park satellite.jpgAfter the Roadtrip, we will again enter a period of uncertainty.  Again, I predict more games at Citizens Bank Park and/or Camden Yards before hitting any new parks.  The next new park we will visit after the roadtrip will almost certainly be:

Progressive Field

10 - Progressive Field satellite.jpgShortly after visiting Progressive Field, we will again visit the site of Tim’s Third Baseball Anniversary game:

Yankee Stadium

11 - Yankee Stadium satellite.jpgAgain, I could not find a satellite view that shows the current Yankee Stadium.  So, I cut out the infield of now demonlished 1923 version and pasted it roughly where I estimate the infield lies in the current Yankee Stadium.

Like Citi Field, since posting this entry, I have now found a different view on that shows Yankee Stadium (2009):


11a - Yankee Stadium satellite.jpgOnly two stadiums to go.  While we conceivably could visit the next stadium early in the season, most likely we won’t make it to Pittsburgh until Septembe for a couple games at:

PNC Park

12 - PNC Park satellite.jpgLast, but certainly not least, we will end our season with our Mariners at our favorite ball park in all the land:

Safeco Field

13 - Safeco Field satellite.jpg

And there you have it, the stadiums that Tim and I will visit in 2010.  I had originally wanted to spend the 4th of July weekend in Detroit to see the Mariners play at Comerica Park.  But that just isn’t going to happen…and I highly doubt we will make it to Comerica at any point this season.  Maybe next year.

One comment about these satellite views.  I did not rotate any of the stadiums.  Therefore, you can see that home plate at all of these stadiums except one point to the northeast.  The sole exception is PNC Park which points to the southeast.  I thought that was an interesting part of seeing all of these satellite views.

I can’t wait to get out to there and visit some of our favorite ballparks again, and several ballparks we have never visited before.

“Play Ball!”



  1. teemo

    Todd (PA)
    Looks like a great season ahead – Amazing that the two of you will be to nearly half of the MLB ballparks in a season. Should be a fun year – just thought about the other day – no plans for Disneyland for Tim or is it all hard core baseball trip on the G-F-S trip for 2010? Either way should be an exciting CA trip with all of the games and also catching the Mariners down at PETCO – Still hoping to catch the two of you at Camden Yards on 6/5/10. We believe we got it worked out and should be able to get to seven ballparks (and some family theme parks) during this two week trip. Now I can see why you get so excited about planning your trips/schedule. Like you can’t wait to get out there – Aloha Todd(HI)

  2. cookandsonbats

    TODD (HI)-
    That sounds like a monster trip you have planned! What are the seven stadiums? My guess is Progressive, Great American, Busch, Camden Yards, Citz Bank, Yankee and Citi. How’d I do? No Disneyland for us. Some other day when my wife can join us. FYI, I’m pretty sure we’ll be at that O’s/Red Sox game. I just haven’t bought tickets yet, and don’t plan to do so until we visit Camden Yards next month.
    -Todd (PA)

  3. teemo

    Todd (PA)
    Close one on your guess – No Yankees or Citi. After Busch, flying to Detroit and driving to Newark. The airfare/car rental drop fees all worked itself out. We will catch a Tigers game, stop off at a waterpark in Ohio and drop by PNC before heading east. Your reviews of PNC and everyone thumbs up made us want to fit PNC in.

    Recap for the two weeks is Progressive, Great American, (sneak a Memphis Redbirds game during the wedding weekend), Busch, Comerica, PNC, Camden and Citizen Bank. Other plans which were scrapped included seeing as many Phillies games (Timothy’s a Shane Victorino fan) in Atlanta and Philly, Mariners at Arlington, stopping by Wrigley (took your advice and will wait on Chicago/Milwaukee for another trip) and going to STL/KC. At first I thought maybe 2 ballparks with a lot of minor league games considering Memphis is in the middle of everything.

    Now I know how you feel when all of the little pieces of the travel and MLB schedule fall perfectly into place. I could not believe how your CA trip worked itself out 5 ballparks in a week including the Mariners in SD. In the end, it amazing when it all comes together.

    We thank you for all the time you spend detailing your family’s baseball trips into this blog. It has made us want to see the uniqueness of each city and its ballpark. Our family would be excited to meet you and Tim at the O’s/Red Sox games and hope it works out –
    Aloha Todd (HI)

  4. Txbaseballfan

    Nice! Looks like a really great season in store for you guys. One question though: What is so special about your first game of the year at CBP? Does it involve an anniversary of some sort? Just curious. Hope you can be patient long enough to get the season started!

  5. cookandsonbats

    Its a secret! You’ll have to check back after May 1st to find out.

    Sorry, man. No Coors Field this season. I’m trying to figure out how/when we’re gonna work Coors Field into the repertoire , but haven’t figured it out quite yet. But when we do, I’ll be looking forward to that cold one!

    Thanks! I’ve checked out your blog. Funny stuff! Keep it up.

  6. cookandsonbats

    Hey, our Mannywood Dodgers tix just arrived this week! Can’t wait! We’ll be there for an interleague battle with the Anaheim Angels of Not Los Angeles…and I hope to see them dismantled the Halos. Maybe the Dodgers will score 20 runs. We can only hope!

  7. cmlrun


    I’m wondering when we’ll hear that Angel Stadium of Anaheim will have a name change? I only say this because the Angels host the All-Star Game, and it wouldn’t shock me to hear some company that is still profiting in this economy has money to spend. The marketing angle would be huge for the company with the funds to pay for their name on the stadium.

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