Ken Griffey, Jr., C&S Hall Of Fame (2010)

It is with a heavy heart that we say good-bye to Ken Griffey, Jr. the Major League baseball player, but it is with joy and gratitude that we announce the induction of Ken Griffey, Jr. the Baseball Legend into the Cook & Son Hall of Fame:

Griffey C&S HOF Plaque.jpg

We are also pleased to announce that the number “24” is officially being retired from this blog, effective immediately — no player will ever again be seen on this blog wearing the number 24:

24 retired.jpg

I do not have the time, energy or capability to succintly sum up what Griff has meant to me over the last 22 years.  So I will not even try.

Instead, I will just leave you with a few parting thoughts:

I have been watching Griffey play baseball since I was 13 years old, that is two-thirds of my life…

 …without Ken Griffey, Jr., the Mariners would probably be playing in Tampa Florida or some other locale (I don’t care about basketball, but don’t you even think of looking this way, Oklahoma City!)  And that would be unbearably terrible.

One of the happiest moments of my life was when I saw Griffey hit a meaningless single off of the Green Monster in Boston last season with my son sitting on my shoulders.  Shortly thereafter, Tim and I saw Griff hit his 624th career homerun in Cleveland

9 - KGJ HR 624.jpgAt the beginning of his career, my dad was driving me to Mariners games to see Griffey play.  At the end of his career, I was driving my own boy to Mariners games to see Griffey play.  This guy has tied the generations together in my family.  Our lives are all a little better because of what he’s done on the baseball field.

Tonight:  The Cook & Son Hall of Fame.

6 Years from Now:  The National Baseball Hall of Fame. 
I guarantee you that we will be there cheering you on once again.

Thank you, Ken Griffey, Jr.



  1. Txbaseballfan

    Great job Todd! I know what a fan you were/are of his, so this has to be bittersweet. Think of it this way though, would you want him to waste away on the bench for another season or two, or get out now when he still has some dignity?
    So who’s # 2 on your faves list? Active list I mean, not retired.

  2. teemo

    Hi Todd – Too bad he is going out this way. Jr. had such a sweet effortless swing. In addition we wish you and Tim were able to see him one last time in San Diego. Yes he is a first ballot Hall of Famer. Too bad some silly voters will refuse to make him a unanimous choice – Todd (HI) – Great recap of your trip to PNC.

  3. cookandsonbats

    Now that Griff is retired, hands down in a landslide my favorite ballplayer is Ichiro. Outside the Mariners, Jamie Moyer. Outside of players with a Mariners tour of duty on their resume, no one beats Albert Pujols.

  4. cookandsonbats

    TODD (HI)-
    I understand his thinking in light of his recent move to the bench DH role (something of which I was not a fan). I really wish we could have seem him play a couple more times this season. But, in the grand scheme of things, I was spoiled. I have personally seen numerous Griffey homeruns, including his first career walk-off HR and multiple grand slams, and countless flat out ridiculous catches in CF, including the one when he broke his arm in half. Hey, you guys on your trip now? Still going? We’ll be in Baltimore this weekend so track us down in RF if you are there!
    -Todd (PA)

  5. teemo

    Todd (PA) – We are just passed our halfway point in Detroit (Yes we were at the Tigers/Indians perfect game* and were about 20 rows up from first base). Headed to PNC on Friday and will be in Camden Yard on Saturday evening. Our family is looking forward to seeing the other Todd/Tim (father/son) in America – Should be easy to spot the only Mariners fans at Camden – See you on Saturday night – Todd (HI)

  6. Rase

    It’s sad that Griffey retired. But AL 2010 MVP disapproves the 24 number ban 🙂 Yep,I’m talking about Robbie Cano 😀

  7. angelsgirl012

    He shall be missed by all fans alike! The impact he left on the game is tremendous and to see him go makes me incredibly sad. I hate to get all emotional but oh well it is what it is. Beautiful career really. 22 seasons! Incredible and Hall of Fame worthy!

  8. cookandsonbats

    Well, if the occassion presents itself, Robbie can still be pictured on our blog, I’ll just edit out the retired number. That being said, I’m not sure if Cano will get the chance to have his number edited out. While we are seeing the Yankees twice this season, I’ll be focusing on my Mariners during those games.

    Indeed. Thanks for adding your two cents. Much appreciated.

  9. cougar914

    hey, glad you liked my griffey blog, yours was well done also! Just coming from the heart and I had to give a good representation of my thoughts and personal feelings of Griffey so it came naturally. I liked the pic of you with a yound Griffey with the box haircut, and the view of Griffeys 624th hr in CLE was amazing, wow, only better view of that would be if you were camped under it with a glove,,,,,nice work on the photohunt, do you guys ever come to pgh???

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