Please Help Tim’s Soon-To-Be Brother Win A Contest!

Hi, folks.  I’m taking a brief time out from the 2010 Baseball Roadtrip entries to share some news and ask for your help.

In the next couple weeks, Tim is going to become a big brother.  We’re all very excited.  The ultrasound shows that its going to be another little boy (and Mariners fan).

We’re busy preparing for the new addition and my wife just entered a contest with a local photographer to try to win an infant portrait session and photos.  It is very simple — just one click and no personal info to enter.  The contest is for baby nurseries and there are only four entrants.

We need your vote!

If you’re inclined to help out, please CLICK HERE and then scroll down to vote for “#3 Baby Cook”!

FYI, the little guy’s room is still a work in progess (it doesn’t even have any baseball bats hanging in it yet — gasp!), but here is the picture my wife entered in the contest:

tims bros room.JPGFYI, I cannot tell you the little guy’s name just yet, but it will not be Griffey or Ichiro.  I can tell you, however, that his first game will be October 1st at Safeco Field!

Thanks…Todd, Colleen and Tim.



  1. Txbaseballfan

    Well, if I can help bring ice cream helmets to Baltimore I can surely help with this too. I just voted and by the looks of the results (as of 7:08 6/29 CST) you guys are gonna get it! How long is the voting period? Can I vote more than once? I didn’t even read anything on that page, I just clicked. Good luck, I truly hope you win! (If his name isn’t Griffey or Ichiro, please tell me it’s not Spike). I don’t think Colleen would agree to that anyways. Give Tim a fist bump for me!

  2. baseballexperiences

    Wow Todd, I can’t congratulate you enough. Now you’ll be the next parent to have two kids in the majors, like the Hairston bros. Congrats to Tim as well, I bet he is extremely excited. Can’t wait to meet the new youngster next year, hopefully. You definitely have my vote! Congrats to your whole family. Joe

  3. teemo

    Todd (PA)
    Congratulation once again – Just did our part with the vote -hope beating out baby #1 Moyer is not Jamie Moyer’s grandchild or relative(wouldn’t that be an interesting story). If the ultrasound is wrong, Jessica is a good name for a girl. We hope all goes smoothly for you, Colleen and Tim – Todd (HI)

  4. cowboychris88

    tip for everyone, use all your different browsers (safari, internet explorer, firefox, chrome) to vote more than once.

    this room needs more navy and teal, but I’ll vote for it.

    – chris



    Sort of off-topic, but Baskin Robbins is doing a promotion with all 30 MLB teams and their ice cream helmets. Since you and Tim are big ice cream helmet people like myself, I thought you would enjoy that!


  6. cookandsonbats

    Thanks, thanks, thanks — for the voting and the well-wishing. We are definitely excited for this new little guy to join our family. And as to those who haven’t voted, there is still time! Voting ends on July 6th. 😉 A few specific comment responses are also in order…

    I use a program called Microsoft Picture It! You could also us PhotoShop or any photo editing software.

    Yep, only one vote per computer. But feel free to visit multiple computers (including your phone). Hmm…maybe we’ll have to rethink this, Spike is pretty good, and appropriate for me!

    I would not have my son have his first game anywhere but the Mariners home field.

    TODD (HI)-
    I highly doubt it. Half of the people from this area are named Moyer, Boyer, Hoyer…or something similar.

    Thanks for the RB info.

  7. nao

    Congratulations and a big O-ME-DE-TOH from Japan to you all, Todd, Colleen, and Tim!! Deeply sorry for my late celebration.

    I voted from Safai and FireFox on my MacBook shortly before 10:00 PM (JST), and then visited the same voting page with Internet Explorer on Windows XP this morning (also JST) to add one more vote. WHAT A SURPRISE!! The #2 baby got over 500 votes between my two visits!! It’s more than double of the votes for our #3. Just cannot figure out how the #2 baby could get hundreds of votes within a couple of hours. I will try with an earlier version of Safari on my older MacBook.

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