Baseball Ph.D. Interview

A couple weeks ago, I received an email unlike any other I’d ever received:  Ed Kasputis from Baseball Ph.D. wrote to request an interview in connection with Baseball Ph.D.’s forthcoming Seattle Mariners Podcast.

Baseball Ph.D. pitches itself as a baseball tour company for your mind.  And their tag line, and really the philosophy behind the thing is “Getting a Ph.D. in life — through Baseball.”  In my discussions with Ed, I learned that he started Basebal Ph.D. after reading a book “The Catcher Was a Spy” about the fascinating life of former Major League Baseball player and U.S. spy, Moe Berg.

The interview took place a couple weeks ago.  And this past Friday, the Mariners podcast was released on the Baseball Ph.D. website:

baseball phd on seattle mariners.jpgMy interview is about half way into the 40 minute podcast, which was the final installment in a week’s worth of Seattle-based entries posted on the Baseball Ph.D. website.

Why don’t you head over to Baseball Ph.D. and check it all out.  While you are there, you can listen to podcasts and learn about all of the other Major League baseball teams and cities.



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