The Houstralian Austro

Hey, pitchers and catchers report in just about 10 days.  Excellent!

But its been a slow month for baseball.  So slow, in fact, that I recently saw an article “reporting” that Derek Jeter was hitting in a batting cage with his team’s hitting coach.  Wow, that’s shocking “news”!

To fill a tiny little part of the pre-spring training baseball void, I thought I’d share a picture of Ryan Rowland-Smith that I just slapped together:

For some reason, I was recently thinking about the Australian flag, which of course features six stars.  Before long, I figured I should replace those stars with the Houston Astros’ star logo in honor of C&S Hall of Famer and new Astro, Ryan Rowland-Smith.

After combining the Australian flag and the Astros’ logo, it was only logical to go the extra step and create a nickname for RRS with another Australia-Houston Astros smash up.  So, I came up with “The Houstralian.”  Of course, “Australia” also blends nicely with “Astros” — so I modified RRS’s jersey to read “Austros.”  (I also modified it by adding the “18” from my RRS Mariners jersey).

So there you go MLB play-by-play announcers and color commentators, feel free to start tossing around “Ryan ‘The Houstralian’ Rowland-Smith” or the more formal “Ryan ‘The Houstralian Austro’ Rowland-Smith” while commentating.

Is its baseball season yet?



  1. cookandsonbats

    Good question. I wondered about his glasses and glove too. My guess is that this picture is from 2004 when RRS was on the Australian Olympic team.

  2. nao

    Olympic Games 2004!! I remember Team Australia was the sole team our Team Japan failed to defeat (one game in the 8-team round robin competition and the semi-final match). RRS collected 2 out of the 4 wins of his team during the preliminary round, including one from Japan!
    At that time, Japanese baseball fans including myself knew no Australian ballplayer other than lefty closer Jeff Williams, then playing with Hanshin Tigers (Kenji’s current club) as brilliant setupper and collecting 2 Svs in both of our losing games. Who imagined the winning pitcher and losing catcher of the first Japan-Australia match in Athens (on the next day of our delightful victory over Cuba) would later collaborate in the diamond of Safeco Field?

  3. Txbaseballfan

    Very clever photo! It’s pretty sweet that RRS is in Houston now (being that I’m in Tx!), because I just might be getting down there for a game or two. And they also come up here to Arlington for the Lone Star Series.

    I don’t know about you, but April can’t get here soon enough!


  4. cookandsonbats

    Well, maybe you can make it down to Houston when Tim and I are in Texas. We plan to hit up both stadiums. Hmmm….

  5. raysrenegade

    I like that photo collage.
    I almost forgot that Rowland-Smith moved his baseball address to Minute Maid Park for 2011.
    That is a beuatiful stadium with its railroad theme and the expansive glass and outfield complete with a flagpole on a hill.
    Going to be kind of wild seeing Rowland-Smith go from the defensive outfield mastery of Gutz and Ichiro to the Bourn and Pence show. Hopefully they can help keep the ERA down with great running cacthes and superb gloveplay.

    Rays Renegade

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