Ballhawking Prankology 101: The Plant

In case anyone who reads this blog hasn’t seen this yet, I thought I would share the guest column I wrote recently for  Enjoy:

Here are a couple bonus pictures.  First, Tim with one of the FeMeBe baseballs:

Here is a photo by Avi Miller of Jeremy Guthrie standing in LF with the FeMeBe baseball in his glove pre-toss-up:

Here is a group shot from the “Ballhawkfest 2011” featuring the FeMeBe baseball:

Finally, Avi and I did not tell Zack about the prank or the article.  We wanted him to find out about it through normal channels…just however the news would reach him.  I’m still not sure how the news got to him, but a few hours after the article was posted this message from Zack showed up on Twitter:

That’s all for now.  Go Mariners!


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  2. nao

    I love the photo of Tim and the fancy FeMeBe baseball! Red & Green, what a vivid and unique coloring! I’ve never seen such a baseball like this before.
    Are the seams on a FeMeBe baseball of the same size and placed at the same distance with an MLB official base ball? FYI, please see this photo
    illustrating how seams on a new official NPB baseball (right) appear different from those on a conventional NPB baseball used up to Season 2010 (left). This new ball also has a modified inner structure to reduce impact resilience upon contact with a baseball bat and thereby minimize the gap in specifications between official baseballs used in an International Match like WBC.

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