Cook & Son Baseball Stadiums and Roadtrips

Did a little doodling on a map of the U.S. today.  Check it out:

This map shows all of the stadiums that Tim and I have visited since his first ballgame back on September 12, 2006.  We live outside of Philadelphia, PA (to the west) and its a great spot for a baseball fan who isn’t scared to hop in the car and drive a few hours.  The red lines on this map show drives that Tim and I have made to baseball stadiums.  Obviously, several of the red loops do not start in Pennsylvania.  Those are roadtrips we have taken (usually with my dad on the annual Cook Grandfather-Father-Son Baseball Roadtrip) after flying to a starting point (i.e., Chicago, Oakland, Houston, and St. Petersburg).

In order, (not counting my countless games at the Kingdome and numerous games at Veterans Stadium before Tim’s birth) Tim and I have visited the Stadiums in blue in the following order (order of first trip to a particular stadium):

  1. Safeco Field (’06-’11)
  2. Citizens Bank Park (’07-’11)
  3. Camden Yards (’07-’11)
  4. Yankee Stadium (1923) (’07)
  5. PNC Park (’07, ’08, ’10, ’11)
  6. Great American Ball Park (’08, ’11)
  7. Progressive Field (’08-’10)
  8. Shea Stadium (’08)
  9. Chase Field (’08)
  10. Citi Field (’09-’11)
  11. Nationals Park (’09-’11)
  12. Yankee Stadium (2009) (’09-’11)
  13. Fenway Park (’09)
  14. Wrigley Field (’09)
  15. H.H.H. Metrodome (’09)
  16. Miller Park (’09)
  17. U.S. Cellular Field (’09)
  18. Rogers Centre (’09)
  19. Oakland Coliseum (’10)
  20. Dodger Stadium (’10)
  21. Petco Park (’10)
  22. Angel Stadium of Anaheim (’10)
  23. AT&T Park (’10)
  24. Minute Maid Park (’11)
  25. Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (’11)
  26. Comerica Park (’11)
  27. Sun Life Stadium (’11)
  28. Turner Field (’11)
  29. Tropicana Field (’11)

Meanwhile, Kellan is on his way through the MLB circuit too.  So far, he has been to ten games at six MLB stadiums:

  1. Safeco Field (’10-’11)
  2. Camden Yards (’11)
  3. Citi Field (’11)
  4. Yankee Stadium (2009) (’11)
  5. Citizens Bank Park (’11)
  6. Nationals Park (’11)

Back to the map, the 2012 Cook Grandfather-Father-Son Baseball Roadtrip is outlined in green on the map.  This will be Kellan’s first year on the roadtrip.  We’ll meet my dad in Minnesota for a game at Target Field (Tim’s 30th stadium), then on to St. Louis for two games at Busch Stadium (Tim’s 31st), to Kansas City for one game at Kauffman Stadium (Tim’s 32nd, which will close out the American League for us), then we’ll cap it off in Denver for two games at Coors Field (Tim’s 33rd).    Coors Field will be huge for us because it will mark the completion of our (first) trip around the MLB circuit — Tim and I we will have seen each team play at least one home game.  Hooray.  (Of course, we’ll still have to get back to Miami to check out the new Marlins Ballpark).

So there you go.  More fun times ahead for us at a bunch of great MLB ballparks.



  1. WrigleyRegular

    I’ve been following your blog for the past couple of years. It’s really great what you have been able to do with your son’s. They probably won’t be able to remember it all, but they will always have this site to look back on. And I assume you log it all in your book, which I also do. I bought a copy last year to keep track of the games I go to, with my family and friends.

  2. Cook & Son Bats

    Thanks so much for your comment and for buying my book! That’s awesome to hear. I hope you’re having fun recording games in it. I love documenting things in our blog, but its great to have that tangible book sitting on your desk or bookshelf storying all of your valuable baseball memories! At least that’s how I feel. Thanks so much and I hope you really enjoy it.

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please feel free to check it out here: And, if you like it, check it out here: — or here:

  3. emma

    How big is that map? It looks nice. You strap organized. I am plannnng on going to Seattle this year. It will be my first time. Dodgers play the Mariners. Might go to Miami.

  4. Cook & Son Bats

    It is a normal piece of printer paper. I just googled “blank map of US with major cities” and found it amoung the top search results. Glad you like it. Have fun at Safeco. It is awesome!

  5. mlblogssnaggingautographsandbaseballs

    I’m planning on going to california to see the 3 stadiums in so cal this summer. I was reading your blog entries from when you went there last year. I became very puzzled when reading the Dodger Stadium entry regarding the parking lot openeing at the same time as the gates. What’s the deal with this? I found out that season ticket holders get in like an hour earlier this year, which is great for when i go. But still, why such an odd parking policy?

  6. Cook & Son Bats

    I’ve only been to the one game at Dodger Stadium (well, one this century at least) so I have limited experience with it. But for my game, a big group of fans was held behind a gate at the opening of the parking lot and cars were turned away until the gates opened. Once the gates opened, they told us we could start walking up the hill to the stadium and they finally started letting cars into the parking lot. It was fairly annoying because my dad had to wait down the street until I called him and told him the lot was opened as Tim and I walked toward the gates. So my dad didn’t get into the stadium for more than 10 minutes after us…maybe more.

    • emma

      Todd, what u should have done is tell someone that your dad needed help and they would have taking him to the entrance in one of those golf cart.
      There is also the free shuttle busses from Union Station. U have to pay $6 there. Busses take you by the parking lot behind left field. Again, if you need help from.there ask. Also if you can’t take the stairs they will let u on thru the field level to take the escalator, then the elevator by VinScully press box.

  7. mike J

    Livin the dream! ! Love it!!

    What an amazing accomplishment to see all 32is stadiums…u guys are an inspiration for us all!!

    BTW – just bought the book to record all games with our 8 month old….

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Cook & Son Bats

    Thanks for the info. I’ll keep it in my back pocket for our next trip out to LA.

    Thanks, man. That’s awesome that you’re getting (or got) the book. Thanks, again. I wish you tons and tons of good times to fill that book with great memories. Hopefully we’ll meet up in DC and/or Baltimore something this season.

    “if I were still going”…? You retired or something? You know, no, there isn’t a blog entry about it. But with the comment at the top here, I started thinking maybe I should do one. Check back soon. I’ll put something together.

  9. Mateo Fischer

    Whoops. I’m on a proofreading fail streak when communicating with you. I meant to say “if I were still going to games with my dad”. When I went on road trips with him, we did those sorts of things like collect ice cream helmets and keep record of the road vs home team winning record (I remember we had one trip each way where either the road team or the home team swept every game we attended), and other things like that. Now that I go with people that aren’t interested in being there for the baseball, it’s no fun to do those quirky things. So I don’t think that the book, as it is described, would be a good fit for me anymore.

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