C&S Baseball Museum

Last season, MLBlogs switched from the entirely free mlb.com to the potentially expensive wordpress.com.  The switch probably didn’t affect the bulk of mlbloggers.  But for those of us who take thousands of pictures at the ballpark, it was definitely not a good development.  When the switch took effect, I already had about four times the storage allowed for a free wordpress account.  I didn’t want to lose any of my blog content.  So I started PDF’ing all of my entries and uploading all of our panoramas to our personal site.

Well, I kept uploading and uploading and uploading…and it turned into something that I think is pretty cool:  The Cook & Son Baseball Museum.  Check it out, and enjoy:



  1. seattleshare

    I’m really grateful to your blog posts and photos, they actually really helped me plan my first spring training trip! I was able to meet a bunch of the players and easily get autographs. I even scored some ink time with the elusive Ichiro! Thanks a lot for your effort and sharing your family’s life and passion for baseball with other fans.


  2. bloggingboutbaseball

    Wow! That is truly an awesome site, Todd. It must have taken quite a while to put together. Your kids are going to love looking back on all those games and photos one day–when they’re old enough for web surfing, that is!

  3. Cook & Son Bats

    Thanks. Yep, it took a long time. Still a work in progress.

    The offseason has been dedicated primarily to putting the Museum together. Probably no more posts until the season starts. We have 3 games planned in April…maybe 4. Lots of posts to come.

  4. Chang Kim

    Dear Todd,

    My name is Chang, a graphic designer and I am also die hard fan of baseball!
    I came across your blog and found wonderful information and photos. I am wondering about whether I may use one of your baseball park photos for my project. I tried to find out your contact info (such as email or phone) but couldn’t. Please let me know how do I proceed my inquiry.

  5. philadelphia45

    Hi Todd-
    I know that it is far away but if you ever find yourself in NJ, you should see a Trenton Thunder game. You are really close to the field and it is really cheap. Plus, i could imagine that Tim would get tons of baseballs from players.

  6. crzblue

    Wow! This is wonderful! What a treasure for your kids! I am going to Seattle for my first time in June to see my boys in Blue (Dodgers). So far we only have reserved the flight arriving Thursday 6/7 and leaving Sunday 6/10. First we got our road trip to San Diego for the Dodgers Opener there!

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