Thank You, Ichiro / Tim’s Ichiro Stats

Ichiro Suzuki has always been Tim’s favorite player.

And a couple of time, Ichiro gave back a little love (in the form of baseballs) to Tim:

(It’s hard to tell, but that is Ichiro in the background between me and Tim in the picture to the left.)

We are very sad to see him leave the Mariners.  But we have shared a ton of great times together watching Ichiro work his magic…

… in a Mariners uniform.  (By the way, that was Ichiro’s 184th hit of the 2009 season).

Last night while I half watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics, I compiled *Tim’s* Ichiro stats.

Not too shabby, at all.  Of those 42 games and 57 hits, the single hit that stands out as my favorite was Ichiro’s homerun off of Rogers Clemens at old Yankee Stadium on September 3, 2007.  Part of a 3-5 day, that homerun marked Ichiro’s 200th hit of the season for the seventh season in a row.  (And that day King Felix and the Mariners handed Clemens the final regular-season loss of his career).

Thank you, Ichiro-san!



  1. Mateo Fischer

    Ouch. My apologies go out to Tim and all Marniers fans. I think I’ve only had one experience even similar when Chien-Ming Wang, my absolute favorite player at the time, fell apart and eventually left my favorite team at the time, the Yankees. It’ll definitely be a weird feeling when I see him in a Yankee uniform next month. You can bet that if I get a ball, I’ll be thinking of you guys.

  2. Cook & Son Bats

    Thanks. Good luck.

    Sorry, man. Of course, inasmuch as they are about to join the AL West, I am going to have to hope that they continue playing bad baseball forever. Or, at least whenever the Mariners are having a good season…like next season! Sorry.

    About 10 minutes ago! Thanks.

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