Every MLB Stadium: Check!

I am way behind in writing our game entries — 4 games to be exact.  But, in the meantime, I wanted to share a photo compilation I completed today.  This past weekend, we attended two games at Marlins Park in Miami.  Tim and I have now been to every current MLB stadium, plus several closed stadiums.  Here is a photo six years in the making:

As of today, Tim has been to 139 MLB games, with Safeco Field, Camden Yards and Citizens Bank Park topping the “most games” list.  But here is a list of the first (or only) game Tim attended at each of his 34 MLB stadiums:

  1. Safeco Field (9/12/06)
  2. Citizens Bank Park (6/30/07)
  3. Camden Yards (8/9/07)
  4. Yankee Stadium (’23) (9/3/07)
  5. PNC Park (9/29/07)
  6. Great American Ball Park (8/15/08)
  7. Progressive Field (8/17/08)
  8. Shea Stadium (9/7/08)
  9. Chase Field (9/12/08)
  10. Citi Field (4/25/09)
  11. Nationals Park (5/17/09)
  12. Yankee Stadium (’09) (7/2/09)
  13. Fenway Park (7/3/09)
  14. Wrigley Field (8/14/09)
  15. H.H.H. Metrodome (8/15/09)
  16. Miller Park (8/16/09)
  17. U.S. Cellular Field (8/17/09)
  18. Rogers Centre (9/26/09)
  19. Oakland Coliseum (6/9/10)
  20. Dodger Stadium (6/11/10)
  21. Petco Park (6/12/10)
  22. Angel Stadium of Anaheim (6/14/10)
  23. AT&T Park (6/15/10)
  24. Minute Maid Park (5/27/11)
  25. Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (5/28/11)
  26. Comerica Park (7/3/11)
  27. Sun Life Stadium (8/13/11)
  28. Turner Field (8/15/11)
  29. Tropicana Field (8/19/11)
  30. Target Field (5/12/12)
  31. Busch Stadium (5/14/12)
  32. Kauffman Stadium (5/16/12)
  33. Coors Field (5/18/12)
  34. Marlins Park (8/31/12)
 Since Tim’s milestone stadium was his 34th stadium overall, he celebrated before the game with a little #Felixing:
Time to do it all again!


  1. Kelly T

    I’ve been reading your blog since last season but haven’t commented before. (Your posts on Nationals Park helped me decide where to get seats for my first trip there last month-thanks!) I have to say, when I went to one of the Marlins-Yankees exhibition games and found out the nachos at Marlins Park weren’t your normal yellow cheese, one of my first thoughts were wondering how you and Tim would like the nachos there, being you guys are nacho crazy. I hope you tried them (I haven’t yet, but I had the cheese on a pretzel once). Looking forward to reading about your visit. (Looks like I just missed you guys. I was there Labor Day)

  2. Cook & Son Bats

    Thanks! It does feel very cool to finally accomplish this goal. Excited to do it all again, and again, and again.

    KELLY T-
    Great first comment. Thanks! A little background that I don’t think I have explained yet is in order before answering your question. Tim has a fairly discriminating sense of taste and is not a big fan of *spicy* stuff. Early this season, one of the stadiums we visited (not even sure which one) had nacho cheese that was *too spicy* for Tim. Ever since, Tim has really shied away from nachos (except at Nationals Park) for fear they will be too spicy and burn his mouth. This resulted in him asking for pizza at most games lately, interestingly he used to think pepperoni was too spicy, but not he loves it. Anyway, all that is just background to say that Tim didn’t try the nachos at Marlins Park. But I did! Upon ordering, I was VERY happy to see the lady pile on four ladels of cheese! She smothered those things in cheese! Upon my first taste, I was like, “Whoa, whoa..what the what-what? Huh? What’s going on here!?” The cheese tasted different than any nacho cheese I’d ever had at the ballpark. It took a couple bites to get *into* it. But by the end, I was loving it. And right down to the last chip, there was plenty of delicious cheese to go around. Two thumbs up! Generally, as you’ll eventually see, I loved Marlins Park. After (or maybe even during) our second game there, I texted a friend and estimated that Marlins Park is an 80 billion % improvement over Sun Life Stadium. My only complaints were (1) we didn’t pay for “premium” tickets so we didn’t get into until all of the normal gates opened (90 minutes before game time) so we didn’t get to see any of the Marlins BP either day and (2) because of the special clubs up there we didn’t get to explore the second deck — although, who knows, maybe we could have if we had tried, but we didn’t even try. Otherwise, it was a great time and great ballpark. I even came around to the colors that on TV had previously been so repulsive to me.

  3. Paul B.

    That is so cool! I have been wanting to do this for years. I’m from the Fort Lauderdale area, so I’ve been to Marlins Park, their previous home at the Dolphins stadium (now called Sun Life Stadium) and I’ve driven to St. Pete to catch the Marlins vs Rays at Tropicana Field. You guys are a true inspiration to me! Next year,I plan on going to Yankees Stadium and Citi Field. Great blog!

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