The Pavarotti of Intentional Talk

I enjoy watching MLB Network in my down time.  And, when doing so, I enjoy watching replays of “Intenional Talk”…


…with Kevin Millar and Chris Rose.

During each episode, Kevin and Chris show a video clip of someone caught on tape doing something embarrassing.  They call the bit “Got Heeeem.”  Lately, I’ve noticed that they have been setting up the Got Heeeem bit with a video of someone saying “Got Heeeem” — sometimes the person is a MLB ballplayer, a coach, a celebrity or a broadcaster.  Other times, it appears to me to just be some random person from the world.  So I’ve been thinking I should film Tim or Kellan saying “Got Heeeem” and send it in to see if they’d use it.

I didn’t plan it out at all.  But the other night when it was just me and Kellan still awake at the house, I pulled out my phone and asked Kellan to say “Got Heeeem.”  I didn’t tell him *how* he should say it and he just naturally extended the “Heeeem” to “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem.”  I thought it was pretty cute.

It was January 23rd.  I filmed Kellan saying the line twice.  The second take was better than the first.  So I edited it down a bit and tweeted it to Millar, Rose and the Intentional Talk twitter account:


I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch “IT” the next day (Thursday, January 24th) so I programmed our DVR to record the show.  But I never actually watched it (still haven’t).   On January 25th, although I still planned to watch the recorded show from the 24th, I went on with life assuming that they did not use Kellan’s “Got Heeeem” clip on the January 24th show and that it would never see the light of day.  Part of this assumption was because I had never heard anything about it, no one responded to my tweet.

But, in the evening on January 25th, I received a tweet from a fellow member asking if Kellan was just on Intentional Talk.  Here is the exchange:


This was some exciting news (that I very much appreciated receiving from Danny).  Sure, it’s just a little 7-second clip on a cable show that tons of people have never even heard of, but the idea of Kellan having a “speaking role” on a show I watch pretty regularly was definitely a cool thought.

I’d already missed the original showing of the program and we had plans to go out to dinner.  I recorded the next showing, which aired while we were out to dinner for Tim’s birthday.  And when we got home, there he was…

Kellan on IT

…”Got Heeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeen”!  (He actually ended his “Heeeem” it with an “n,” instead of an “m”).

While our family watched the show together for the first time standing around the TV, Kellan looked around at us and then pointed up at the TV and exclaimed, “It’s me!”   Tim was a bit jealous, especially because his little bro was on TV on Tim’s birthday.  But I told Tim not to worry, we’d make our best effort to get him onto “Got Heeeem” in the future, during the 2013 season, with a bit of luck.

I took a very poor quality video of the scene on my cellphone, but the boys were pounding on drums or what-have-you in the background and I couldn’t get a decent recording of it.  Luckily, fellow-MLBlogger Nick Batters came to the rescue.  He downloaded the free podcast and put together and emailed to me this great little clip:

I could watch that all day!  I wish Kellan would have been wearing one of his Mariners t-shirts so he could be showing his Mariners pride.  But, heck, it was late and he was already suited up for the night in his jammies.  Anyway…

I absolutely love how Millar and Rose give Kellan an ovation after his “Got Heeeeem” and how Rose dubs Kellan the “Pavarotti” of Intentional Talk.  That’s a title I can get behind!

Today, I watched the whole episode for the first time and I noticed that they gave “Special Thanks” to us and the other fans who had contributed questions or pictures for the show:


My overal take on having Kellan on Intentional Talk:  Awesome!

If you can get on there, I highly recommend it.

That’s all for now.


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