New Blue Jays Ice Cream Helmets

We just returned from the Sixth Annual Cook Grandfather-Father-Son Baseball Roadtrip. We attended games at the Rogers Centre in Toronto (5/24/13), Comerica Park in Detroit (5/25-26/13), and Citi Field in New York (5/27/13). It will be a while before I have any of the blog entries up so I thought I’d share a little two photo teaser.

In 2009, we attended our first game ever at Rogers Centre and the ice cream helmets were decent, but nothing to write home about:

In 2013, the Blue Jays re-designed their uniforms with a retro Jays feel. Along with their fancy new duds came some great-looking new ice cream helmets:

Now there’s a helmet you can write home about. Heck, you can bring this helmet home to meet your parents!

Good job, Jays.


You can check out our entire MLB ice cream helmet collection at the Cook & Son Baseball Museum.



  1. Brendan

    I’ve been to the Rogers Centre in 2006 before their rebranding. I have a connection with the Jays as I have seen many Auburn Doubledays succeed in Toronto. (My Grandpa was the president of the Doubledays.) J.P Arencibia, Aaron Hill, Brett Cecil, and Ricky Romero come to mind. I think it’s an underrated park and it’s very cool, unique, and high-tech, at least when I went. I’d like to go back and see how they changed the CF hotel. Back when I went there was still a Hard Rock Cafe.

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