500 Baseballs

Back in 2009 when Tim and I started going to BP for all of our games (for some silly reason, I thought it was too young for a whole game plus BP before 2009) and we started getting a few more baseballs, I came up with the idea that we should create a full wall of baseballs.  I figured we would probably need about 500 baseballs to build the wall…so that has been a number we have been aiming at for a long time.  As we have gotten closer to 500, I have determined that 500 isn’t enough for the wall I am envisioning.  Anyway…

Last weekend in Washington D.C., Tom Goodwin tossed our 500th baseball to Tim:

To celebrate reaching the 500 baseball milestone, I put together this little video:

Fun game:  how many autographs can you identify?



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