“Intensely Intense” Mariners Commercial

Here’s a cool story that involves this blog.

In February, the Director of Production from the Mariners’ advertising agency, Copacino+Fujikado, sent me a “CONFIDENTIAL” email.  She said they were working on the Mariners 2015 commercials and were seeking my consent to use in one of the spots a picture of Tim and Felix Hernandez that they found right here on this blog — in this entry, to be exact.  Of course, I agreed.

On March 18th, the four 2015 Mariners commercials were released online and Tim’s picture made the final cut.  The picture, which Mike Zunino apparently has saved on his smart phone, was modified to make Felix look more “intense”!  Here it is:

As commercials go, the Mariners commercials are a big deal.  I am beyond thrilled that Tim is now forever recorded in the annals of Mariners history.  And I had a big huge smile across my face when I saw the *live* TV debut of the commercial the following day when the Mariners’ spring training game against the Indians was broadcast on MLB Network.

Thanks, Mariners and C+F!!


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