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Friends and a Mariners Win (5/3/09)

Living in Pennsylvania for the last 10 years, I don’t get many opportunities to see my old friends from school.  So I tried to get some of them together for a game on May 3rd.  It was also the first game my brother, Jason, had gone to with us since Tim’s first game on September 12, 2006.  Uncle Jason got to provide Tim his pre-game shoulder rides:


The plan was to sit in lower section in LF so one of us would catch Griffey’s home run when he hit it.  Unfortunately, for the second time in three games, Griff didn’t play.  😦  Nevertheless, the LF seats were great.  Highly recommended.  We were in Section 108.  Here is a view from section 109 (one section closer to the foul pole):

jasons shoulders.jpg

Here is our view of Ichiro: 


Because we had a bunch of kids with us, Tim was quite content to stay in the seats for most of the game.  Here are some shots of our crew:

friends and wins.jpg

Upper left: Paul and Tim.  Upper right: Maggie, Weston’s hat, Sean, Lake, Jason and Ainsley. Lower right: me, Tim, Paul with Lake, Jason and Ainsley behind us.  Lower left:  Lake, Jason and Ainsley.

And here are a couple more friends picts:

kids and friends.jpg

Upper left:  Maggie and Weston eating popcorn. Upper right:  Jason, Ainsley and me.  Lower right:  Maggie, Weston and Tim blowing in each others’ faces.  Lower left:  Chris and Maggie.

Because we stayed in the seats the whole game, we didn’t do any exploring of the stadium.  But I did snap this one interesting picture on the way into the stadium.  This is a feature I’ve never seen in any other stadium:  the “nursing lounge.”

nursing lounge.jpg

Raise your hand if you want to do some nursing with three other people and a nice view of the street outside of a baseball stadium!

Back to the game.  Here is Franklin Gutierrez tracking a ball for an easy out:

Franklin tracking Ball.jpg

And here is Ichiro taking a high ball:

Ichi hitting.jpg

Here is a random picture:


See the “Seattle Childrens'” sign on the second deck?  And the guy standing in the middle of it?  And the next deck directly above him?  That is Suite #5 – the Ted Williams suite.  That is where we were for Tim’s first Mariners/MLB ever.  It was Tim’s and three other little kids’ first games so we celebrated it in style in the suite.  It was awesome!

This game was little leaguers’ day and they gave batting gloves to all of the kids.  Here is a shot of them:

kids gloves.jpg

They are actually really nice batting gloves.  However, they are not “kids” gloves…well, maybe little leaguer Danny Almonte…but not for a normal kid.  In fact, they fit me perfectly.  Here is a picture of some kids wearing them.  Notice Weston’s “thumb” sticking up a mile in front of Tim’s nose.  The gloves dwarfed the kids.

joyners huge gloves and tim.jpg

The weather forcast was dismal.  Scheduled to be another drizzly day like the night before.  But mother nature would not cooperate with the weathermen.  It was glorious.  Sunny with an occassional nice cool breeze.  It was so nice that Tim took his shirt off a bit and risked blinding the batters with his bright shining Irish-pale muscles:

muscle man.jpg

Grandma provided a personal visor for Tim’s viewing enjoyment:

personal visor.jpg

The game was excellent.  Kenji Johjima went yard in the bottom of the ninth to tie it up and send us into extra innings.  Here are Tim and Paul (or Paul’s hand) celebrating Joh’s HR with a high five:

fiven paul.jpg

…and the extra innings just kept a coming:


The M’s bullpen came through big.  They didn’t give up a run for 7 straight innings from the 6th to the 12th.  Unfortunately, Tim started to crash because he didn’t get his usual afternoon nap:

late late innings.jpg

So, after the A’s scored three runs in the top of the 13th, Grandma made the executive decision that we needed to leave so her grandson could sleep in the car.  I reluctantly agreed.  Here is a picture from above the bullpen as we walked toward the exit.

13th and retreating.jpg

I ended up watching the beginning of the rally standing in the LF corner as my family all stood outside the stadium waiting.  Arrgh….I had to leave and we were coming back!  By the time we got to the car (parked in the old Kingdome north lot), the sausage vendors outside were reporting that the bases were loaded with only one out.  By the time we were two blocks from the lot, Tim was in a deep sleep, Ichiro’s hit tied the score and the M’s were heading to the 14th as we were heading home.  As we pulled into my folks’ house, I ran into the TV room just in time for Jose Lopez to step to the plate with the bases loaded and no outs:

go lopez.jpg

For the second time in the series, Lopez came up with a walk off single!  MARINERS WIN!

Mariners Win.jpg

It wasn’t an ideal way to see the Mariners win, but it was better than my colleague who had to watch the Phillies (his team) win the World Series from a bar in San Francisco in a game 5 that he had attended two nights before.  Plus, I didn’t miss a Griffey home run.  So no harm, no foul.  A win is a win!

Season Fan Stats:

6 Games
4 Stadiums (Safeco Field, Camden Yards, Citizens Bank Park, and Citi Field)
8 Teams (Mariners, A’s, Rays, Orioles, Phillies, Mets, Nationals, and Padres)
5 Ice Cream Helmet (Mariners (3), Phillies and Mets)
1 Baseball (Thank you, Jarrod Washburn!!)
2 Mascot Pictures (Mariners Moose and The Bird (O’s))
4 Awesome Days of Baseball
2 Awesome Night of Baseball

Oaks vs. Rainiers – 5/2/09

On Saturday evening, we attended Mariners turn-back-the-clock night.  It was 1939 and it was a match up between the Oakland Oaks and the Seattle Rainiers.


Oaks vs. Raniers.jpgDo you notice people peaking out below the scoreboard?  I’ve never been in there, but there is a bar under the scoreboard where you can have a cheese steak and a beer while watching the game through that little sliver of fencing.

The M’s gave a Rainiers hat to the first 20,000 fans, including us:


Raniers Hat.jpgNotice in the scoreboard picture, that there is a small We arrived in time for the last few minutes of batting practice, so we snooped around a bit before the game started.  Here is a notice printed on the padded railing down the third base line:

subject to removal.jpg

The M’s are apparently trying to sound a bit more legal for their patrons.  They could have just said “will be removed.”  Anyway, here is the inner workings of the hand operated scoreboard in the LF corner:

inside hand board.jpg

When we entered the stadium, my mom took Tim to the kids play area.  So I went over there to meet up with them.  On the way, I stopped by the standing area behind the bullpens.  Here are a couple views looking through the bullpen from the SRO area:

standing thru bullpen.jpg

bullpen SRO.jpg

I then met up with my folks and Tim in the play area.  Tim was having a blast in there.

griff play.jpg   

When we were over by the play area, they announced that Griff would be DH’ing for the Rainiers.  In our fifth attempt, it was only the second time Tim would see Griff play.


We then watched the Savoy Swing Club put on a rousing swing performance:

savoy swing.jpg

Tim really wanted to dance with them.  We had the following conversation while watching:

Tim:  I want to go dance.

Todd:  The floor is only for the dancers.

Tim:  I’m a dancer.

Todd:  Its only for the special dancers.

Tim:  I’m a special dancer.

Todd:  They’re a dance team.  Its only for a dance team.

Tim:  I’m on a team.

It was a persuasive argument.  Unfortunately for Tim, it didn’t work.

We then watched Bill Krueger and Angie Mentink preparing to broadcast a little pre-game “Mariners Live” from center field.  Look how excited they were about their jobs!

bored personalities.jpg

Next up, the Mariners photo team took our picture in CF and my dad took this picture of us getting our picture taken by the Mariners photo team.  FYI, if you have a little boy on your shoulders at any MLB park (as far as I can tell), the home team’s photo team will hunt you down and say, “How about a picture for Mariners/Phillies/Mets/Orioles/Yankees/NameYourTeam.com?”  They’ll then generally take a fairly unimpressive picture of you that you can pay to put in any type of frame, shirt, etc., on the team’s webpage.  Here are some examples from mariners.com, mariners.com, mariners.com, and mets.com.  Anyway, I think my Dad’s picture is better than the official picture:


Finally, it was time to go sit down for the game.  My folks sat in their normal seats, which they switched to the 1B side for this season after years on the 3B side.  Tim and I sat in section 110 again (same as for part of the game last night).  We had tickets with my buddy Paul in section 335 (upper deck on 3B side), but we never sent up there.  Here is an odd picture of the stands from section 110, I’m not sure why I took this.  But you can see part of the roof:

1B side with roof.jpg

Here is Tim’s first pitch seeing Griffey bat for the Mariners.  Griff took a ball low.  I was a little disappointed that his first game seeing Griff play for the Mariners was in a Rainiers uniform.  Absolutely everything at the park was referencing the Rainiers, not the Mariners.  Here is the pitch:

Griff at Bat.jpg

Tim had a blast in Section 110.  Watching the game with Paul made it all the better.  Tim was super-excited to see Paul.  In the late innings, we went over to Section 120 where my parents had moved to the back rows to avoid the rain.  Although the roof was closed, the rain was still blowing in and getting people wet in certain sections.  Here was our view from Section 120:

LF-CF with roof.jpg

Here is a shot of me and Paulie:

with paulie.jpg

Although Griff didn’t get any hits, it was a great game.  Jarrod Washburn pitched an excellent game and gave up only 1 run in 7 innings.  However, the bullpen blew the lead and the M’s lost 3-2.  The Oaks scored their final run in the top of the ninth on a single to right.  Ichiro came up gunning and had the guy thrown out at home by about 15 feet.  Unfortunately, rookie catcher Rob Johnson decided to try to block the one-hopper rather than try to catch it and apply the tag.  It was a stupid idea.  There is no way in the world you get the guy out by blocking a throw to the plate.  If he had tried to catch the ball but dropped it, the guy would have been just as safe as he was when Johnson tried to block the throw.  On the other hand, had he tried to catch it and succeed, the runner would have been out easily and we’d have gone to extra innings.  Oh, well.

After the game, we took a few pictures down by the dugouts before heading out.  Here are the best two:

welcome to safeco.jpg

safeco dugout pict.jpgWe’ll re-group tomorrow and try it again.  After this game, the Mariners were 1-1 with me and Tim in attendance.

Season Fan Stats:

5 Games

4 Stadiums (Safeco Field, Camden Yards, Citizens Bank Park, and Citi Field)

8 Teams (Mariners, A’s, Rays, Orioles, Phillies, Mets, Nationals, and Padres)

4 Ice Cream Helmet (Mariners (2), Phillies and Mets)

1 Baseball (Thank you, Jarrod Washburn!!)

2 Mascot Pictures (Mariners Moose and The Bird (O’s))

3 Awesome Days of Baseball

2 Awesome Night of Baseball