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The Many D’s of Comerica Park

We still have FOUR game entries for 2011.  They will be forthcoming soon…hmm, well, soon’ish.  But, with the Tigers in the postseason, I decided to take a little time out to do something I meant to do back in July.  So here we go.

In 2009, Tim and I attended a Tigers/Orioles game in Baltimore.  We attended with a couple Tigers fans and, in the blog entry, I wrote about what I called “THE BIG TIGERS ‘D’ CONTROVERSY.”  Boiled to its essence, the story is that the “D” on the Tigers’ jerseys is completely different than the “D” on the Tigers’ hats.  For years, I have wanted to visit Comerica Park, and one of the reasons for wanting to visit the ballpark was so I could get a feel for how the Tigers use their two D’s.

Tim and I had an great time at Comerica Park.  It is an amazing ballpark.  We took hundreds of pictures, and a bunch of them focused on “THE BIG TIGERS ‘D’ CONTROVERSY.”  So this entry is dedicated to showing the various D’s at Comerica Park.  Before we get to it, let’s review the details behind the conversy.  Here is an excerpt from that entry:

#     #     #

So lets just get it out of the way — THE BIG TIGERS “D” CONTROVERSY!  Do you know the controversy?  Interestingly, every single Tigers fan I’ve ever asked about THE BIG TIGERS “D” CONTROVERSY has been totally oblivious to its very existence.  Apparently, the Tigers’ fans are not very observant.

So what is the controvery you ask?  Here it is — the Old English script “D” on the Tigers hat is totally and completely different than the Old English script “D” their jerseys and no one seems to care or notice

Shocking!  Huh?

Here is indisputable photographic evidence:

Let’s take a closer look:

1. The upper right corner of the Hat “D” has little fancy points and a concave diagonal edge while the same part of the Jersey “D” is rounded with no pionts and no concave edge.

2. The traditionally straight edge of the capital “D” is replace in the Jersey “D” with three vertical lines.  The two inner lines are straight and the outide line is sort of shaped like a shark with two pointy fins on his back.  Meanwhile, the straight edge of the Hat “D” has only two vertical lines.  Neither are straight.  Instead, they both look sort of like tall thin S’s.  But congrats to the Tigers, the outside line on the Hat “D” also has the two shark like fins on it!

3. The Two S-like vertical lines on the Hat “D” have two little bars connecting them – one at the top and one at the bottom.  The top bar is convex and the bottom bar is concave.  The Jersey “D”?  You got it, no connector bars at all between the roughly corresponding vertical lines.

4.  But there are more connector discrepancies.  The left and right side of the opening of the Hat “D” is connected with two little bars – the top bar is concave and the bottom bar is convex.  How about the Jersey “D” — just the opposite.  The top bar is convex and the bottom bar is concave.

5.  Finally, the Hat “D” is cool and the Jersey “D” is not (this one is subjective).

So you say, “Come on, I never noticed this, but how can it be a controversy?  All Tigers fans must know about this?”  Nope.  You’re wrong.  In fact, Mark himself — a Michigander — was totally unaware of this last year before I asked him about it.  Recently, Mark surveyed a bunch of Tigers fans at Comerica Park.  None of them knew about this.

The big question:  why is it that Tigers have two different D’s on their uniforms?

The answer:  NO ONE KNOWS!!!

According to my limited internet research on this (limited because I don’t really care about it), the Tigers themselves have no clue why they have different D’s on their uniforms.

So there you have it:  THE BIG TIGERS “D” CONTROVERSY!!!

#     #     #

Here we go.  No big analysis here.  Let’s just look at some pictures and keep a running tally.  These pictures are in order of when I took them as we walked around Comerica Park.

We parked outside the RF gate…

…, which is adorned with three different types of Tiger D’s — all of them are “jersey D’s.”  I’ll just count each of these types once.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 0, Jersey D’s 3

Walking around the outside of the stadium, we found the “Code of Conduct”… 

…, which featured a nice “Hat D.”

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 1, Jersey D’s 3

All of the street signs featured Hat D’s:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 2, Jersey D’s 3

The walls outside the stadium (and the Tiger Club) had a design including lots of jersey D’s:

There are actually some more jersey D’s about the glass doors behind Tim in that last picture, but I missed them when I edited the picture.  Anyway, I’ll just count all of theseD’s worked into the wall design as 1 jersey D..

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 2, Jersey D’s 4

The 3B gate is awesome at Comerica Park, but these jersey D’s won’t count in the scorecard because they are the same as the RF gate:

The team store is called The D Shop” with a nice hat D:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 3, Jersey D’s 4

On one of the walls outside the stadium, we found this tile jersey “D” with a tiger walking through it:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 4, Jersey D’s 4

For good measure, the Tigers through some historical D’s into the mix that are neither the current hat nor current jersey D:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 4, Jersey D’s 4, Other 1

When we were outside of the stadium, all of the ticket windows seemed to be closed…

…and they all featured a Hat D on the pull-down window cover.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 5, Jersey D’s 4, Other 1

From the street behind the CF wall, we spotted a sign for the Champions Club…

…featuring yet another Hat D.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 6, Jersey D’s 4, Other 1

The Will Call sandwich board sign was also sporting a Hat D:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 7, Jersey D’s 4, Other 1

Through the team store window, we spotted a bunch of souvenirs:

The baseballs and the foam hand both featured Jersey D’s.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 7, Jersey D’s 6, Other 1

From our spot at the front of one of the lines at the 3B gate, there was a plaque adorned with some Jersey D’s:.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 7, Jersey D’s 7, Other 1

I was a big fan of the scoreboard inside the ballpark.:

It featured a little analog clock with a Jersey D.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 7, Jersey D’s 8, Other 1

If you’re milling about in the cross-aisles at Comerica Park, one of these signs…

…might tell you to sit down, and remind you that you’re at a Tigers game with this nice orange Hat D.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 8, Jersey D’s 8, Other 1

In the concourse behind home plate, there is a booth featuring “game used” products and a nice big Hat D:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 9, Jersey D’s 8, Other 1

Visually, there is a whole lot going on in the food court and Tiger-Go-Round area tucked behind the 3B concourse…

…, including at least banners with Hat D’s, flags with Hat D’s, a big baseball on top of the Tiger-Go-Round with a Hat D, and several Jersey D’s around the top ring of the Tiger-Go-Round.  Just for kicks, there is another “The D Shop” with another Hat D…but we won’t count that again.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 12, Jersey D’s 9, Other 1

This might be my favorite “D” of the day, a little Jersey D embossed into the drains on the walkway in RF:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 12, Jersey D’s 10, Other 1

While on the walkway, we stopped in at a fan assistance office and picked up a “first game at Comerica Park” certificate for Tim:

The certificate featuerd Jersey D’s, but the fan assistance sign featured a Hat D.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 13, Jersey D’s 11, Other 1

On top of the dugout?  A big Hat D:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 14, Jersey D’s 11, Other 1

On the back of the pitchers’ mound?  Yep, another Hat D:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 15, Jersey D’s 11, Other 1

We found a couple billboards in the concourse featuring Jersey D’s:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 15, Jersey D’s 13, Other 1

The scoreboard features a black-and-white’ish scoreboard on the LF side and a full-color screen on the CF side:

The black-and-white’ish screen featured a Jersey D during much of pregame, while the full-color scoreboard had a Hat D.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 16, Jersey D’s 14, Other 1

A directory that we found in the upper deck, featured a *sorta* extra thin Hat D in the extreme upper left corner and a normal Hat D in the “you are here” sign:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 18, Jersey D’s 14, Other 1

Here is an interest one.  In the concession stand where we bought our nachos, they had full-sized Tiger helmets that were souvenir popcorn recepiticals:

Although the Tigers actually (and logically) have Hat D’s on their batting helmets, this popcorn helmet featured a Jersey D.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 18, Jersey D’s 15, Other 1

I think this is a newspaper rack or something like that (albeit an empty one):

Whatever it is, it features tiger stripes and a Had D.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 19, Jersey D’s 15, Other 1

This could be the most important D in the stadium — the essential behind home plate logo D:

Score a big one for the Hat D’s column!

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 20, Jersey D’s 15, Other 1

In the 1980s, they apparently used the same Hat D:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 21, Jersey D’s 15, Other 1

This concession stand was not being used at this game:

Still, it (and several others just like it) featured Hat D’s on a home plate sign.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 22, Jersey D’s 15, Other 1

Verizon had a booth in one of the concourses, and it featured a Jersey D:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 22, Jersey D’s 16, Other 1

I’m not sure what this “Extra Bases” booth was all about…

…but it featured several Jersey D’s.  This might be arbitrary, but I’m just going to count that as one D.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 22, Jersey D’s 17, Other 1

Remember those popcorn D’s?  They were hats with Jersey D’s.  Well, the ice cream helmets were hats with Hat D’s:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 23, Jersey D’s 17, Other 1

There are some seats in deep LF that I’ll describe as being on *risers*.  Anyway, those risers are wrapped in green fabric with Hat D’s on them:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 24, Jersey D’s 17, Other 1

This day was truly wonderful, and the game experience was capped with Kids Run the Bases, which allowed us to get close enough to determine that…

…the bases feature little Jersey D’s.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 24, Jersey D’s 18, Other 1

There are lots of Hat D’s in the Tigers dugout, most of which are found inside the slots where the Tigers keep their batting helmets:

We’ll count those 24 identifical Hat D’s as just one D.

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 25, Jersey D’s 18, Other 1

The wall behind the dugout bench features both Hat D’s and Jersey D’s:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 26, Jersey D’s 19, Other 1

On our way out of the ballpark, we found our last new “D” of the day.  It was on a “no autographs” sign in the Tiger’s bullpen in LF:

Scorecard:  Hat D’s 27, Jersey D’s 19, Other 1

So, there you go.  Take that for whatever its worth.  Personally, I find the whole BIG TIGERS “D” CONTROVERSY to be very interesting.  Head on over to Comerica Park and check it out for yourself.