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Winter Training Update

With the hot days of summer a distant memory, Tim has been spending most of his days playing with trains, riding his new scooter through the house and playing various “indoor games.”

But today, he asked if we could go outside and play some baseball.  Heck, why not!?  It was actually a beautiful sunny day here in eastern Pennsylvania and almost all of the most-recent snow had melted.  So we layered up the clothes (Tim picked his own crazy outfit), and we headed outside.

It had been awhile since his last BP, but Tim still did a decent job of putting the ball in play.  Despite the fact that our usual homeplate area was the only area of the backyard still covered in snow… 

1 - frosty the batter.jpg…Tim even hit a homerun up onto the deck.

Instead of throwing down our home plate, Tim drew this little triangular home plate in the snow…

2 - snowy home plate and batters box.jpgThe trampled area to the right of the plate was his batters box.  He kept kicking the snow out of the box and proclaiming, “Batters gotta kick the dirt!”

Of course, just like during the summer, I had to chase Tim around the diamond after every solid base knock that he hit.

3 - score tim score.jpgYou can see his bat dropped at home plate just above his head.  Tim loves to have me chase him.  And he loves it even more if I just can’t quite catch him before he scores.

At one point, Tim hit a high but short pop-up just behind the “pitcher’s mound.”  Tim yelled, “I got a hit!”  But I turned around, ran back about 4 steps and made the catch.  Then Tim yelled, “Oh, I’m out!”

This was sort of a big step.  Tim had been hitting, throwing and sort of catching for the past year or so.  He loves going to games and has seen a lot of baseball in his young life.  But other than “three strikes for a strike out,” he’s never really conveyed a real understanding of the rules of the game.  So I asked him what had just happened and was happy to hear him explain the following:

Tim:  “When you’re a hitter and someone catches your ball, you’re out.”

Todd:  “How do you know that?”

Tim:  “Because I’m a natural guy.”


My little natural guy and I had a great time during our first snowy “winter training” session.

4 - a natural guy.jpgHere is a better view of his hilarious outfit (taken as we were chatting about him being a natural guy).  Those are pajamas under his shorts, which he’s always referred to as “practice pants.”  His “batting gloves” are a pair of “Go, Diego, Go!” explorer gloves.